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Is voice authentication the final answer to biometrics in digital payments?

The use of biometrics as a tool for payments authentication was long been discussed across the global market. In an increasing number of cases, biometric layers have already integrated in the payments points of authentication. Most notably in recent times and pop technology is the introduction of Touch ID on the iPhone 6. The finger print has been coined the ‘perfect password’. But is ‘hands-free’ voice authentication more secure, and convenient?

Arguably voice authentication technology has been in use for considerably longer than other forms of biometrics to date. But how does it fit in the world of digital payments authentication?

To find out more, we spoke with Jesus Aragon, Vice President, Corporate Business Development & Marketing from AGNITiO, worldwide market leader for Voice ID products.

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How will you help shape the future of Latin America’s cashless economy?

Mobile Money and Digital Payments Americas 2015 will return for its 6th year as the continent’s best-loved industry forum. Expert session leaders from across the LAC payments industry will ask provocative questions; market pioneers will provide their perspectives in a series of industry panels and cutting-edge presentations.

Join the region's market leaders to debate:

  • How regulation can enable greater innovations in financial inclusion?
  • How you can generate profit in a multi-stakeholder model of financial services delivery?
  • Will consumer education be the key to unlocking the un-banked?
  • What’s the role of the MNO in a bank-led marketplace?
  • Is there a ‘one-size-fits-all’ model to generate consumer trust in digital payments?

In addition, take advantage of the extensive networking activities and make sure you secure meaningful discussion time with clients, peers and prospects and build the connections necessary to ensuring the success of your initiatives. Join us in March and ensure your organisation forms a key part of the discussions which will shape the future of Latin America’s cashless ecosystem.

This year will also see the launch of the Prepaid Americas Workshop, a forum created to examine evolving trends in prepaid and prepaid use.